October Review – Fifth Class C

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English: In the month of October in English it was so much fun. We learned about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and more. We also wrote Halloween poems. You know to get in that spooky spirit. At the minute we’re doing travel brochures. You pick a place and you write about it.  We had so much fun playing English games. We started a new book called Kensuke’s Kingdom. It was cool because every few chapters we wrote what had happened so far. We did a review on a book called The Butterfly. It was a great book. We have been doing loads of Newell and Dictation. October has been so much fun in Mrs Burke’s class.

Irish: In October we did lots of Irish .We learned about food. We did lots of comprehensions about food. We also wrote out scripts for a plays. Our play was about being in a restaurant .There was three in each group .One waiter and two customer .When we wrote out our scripts we had to learn them off by heart, because we performed them for the class .                                                                                      This is the start of our play. “Dia daoibh . Cad ba mhaith leat don ceadchúrsa?” “Ba mhaith liom anraith sicín”.


Irish 1Irish 2 Irish 3  Irish 5 Irish 6 Irish 7 Irish 8 Irish 10 Irish 11 Irish 12 Irish 14 Irish 16

Maths: Last week we learned about Long Division. It was easy at the start as we were only dividing a 2 digit number. But then we moved up to three digit numbers. It was very tricky. However, as we are all so clever we now can all do Long Division.  We learned a trick from Mr. Rogers (Mummy (Multiplies) Daddy (Divides) Sister (Subtracts) Brother (Brings down) and Rover (repeats or is Remainder).                                                                                                                        This week we did Lines and Angles. Again it was quite easy at the beginning because we were just drawing the angles, but then we moved on to using a compass and learning the names of the different angles. We learned that the angles are named from smallest to largest (Acute, Right, Obtuse, Straight, Reflex and Full Rotation).

History: This month in History we learnt about the Aztecs. We learnt how they sacrificed people to their Gods. Then they would eat their hearts to make the Gods happy. They often had names like rain or sun, in order to please the gods and bring the rain and sun. Girls were not allowed to go to   school.                                                                                                                            We also learned about Pompeii. It is a place in Italy just south of Rome. It has a large Volcano called Mount Vesuvius which erupted on the 23rd of August 79 ad. The eruption went on for twenty four hours and killed many people. The whole town was covered in ash and it was as if the town had been frozen in time. Pompeii eventually was discovered up by a farmer who was digging in his fields. He discovered a wall buried beneath his fields and as he continued his digging he found a body. Mount Vesuvius is still active to this day.


Geography:  In October so far we learned about Weather and how it is formed. Here is some facts about Weather instruments.

  • A Windsock is a conical textile tube designed to show wind. Windsocks are used in airports and at chemical plants. They are sometimes located along motorways at windy locations.
  • A Campbell Stokes Recorder tells us how many hours of sunshine there are each day. It is a big glass ball on top of a three legged stand.
  • Wind Vane: it shows you which direction the wind is blowing. People have them on their houses.
  • Rain Gauge: it shows you how much rain has fallen over a specific period.

We also looked at the different types of clouds. We learned their names and we also learned to identify the different types of weather which they bring. We also wrote weather reports for Ireland and displayed these outside the classroom with our weather forecast symbols.



Science: For October we did a Senses test and it was great fun and this is how we did it. Mrs Burke brought us to a corner. She told us to close our eyes. She put something up to our noses and we smelt it. Then we tried to guess what it was. After that Mrs Burke showed us the items and we corrected the worksheet. It was good fun and the different smells were very weird, here is a selection of what we smelled; spices, powder, lemon juice, sauce and loads more. I hope we can do it again sometime.                     We did another sense test. This one was on our sense of touch. We had to touch many items such as a towel, a birthday card, a coin, a plug and many other items. It was tough. We had to have our eyes closed for this test to make sure we didn’t cheat.


Art: The first thing we did for Art was Piet Mondrian. We drew squares and rectangles on a page.Then we picked three colours and coloured in different squares/ rectangles for Maths Week. After we did Piet Mondrian we did symmetry art also for Maths Week. There was a competition for the best Maths Art organised by Mr Dunlea and Ms Duggan. Then when we finished we had to decide which art work to enter into the competition. The person who won is me/ Sinead D’Arcy and I got a medal. The last thing for Art was called Witch’s Legs. Witch’s legs are when you make half a witch’s body. When you do that you hang it on the celling so it looks like there are witch’s stuck in the celling.

Art 1 Art 2 Art 3 Art 4 Art 5 Art 6


Music: We learned  “What I Am” by Will I Am. It is a good song. We learned our first Religion song. It is called “Do not be afraid”.                                                                  We also learned about the orchestra and the different instruments. We learned about the String Family, the Woodwind Family and lastly we learned about the Brass family. We know the amount of the instruments in an orchestra and we even drew some of them.

Physical Education: In October this year  PE has been really fun we have done lots of things like , this week we did an obstacle course and last week we were doing passing in basketball. The girls won their camogie final. This was held in Raheens last week, they were playing against Rathmore. Sinead H was the only girl from our class on the team. The boys won their football final; this was played on Tuesday of this week after being rescheduled from last week due to bad weather. The match was against Scoil Ui Riada in Kilcock. We have several boys from our class on the team; Rónán, Callum, Cillian, Henry, Cormac, Paul, and Sean R.  The boys hurling final was played on Wednesday this week in Moorefield  and it was against Sallins. Sadly we did not win. The final score was 2.6 to 1.3/ Three boys from our class were on the team; Paul, Callum and Cormac. Well done boys.

Religion: We learned about Ghandi and he was a man of peace. We also learned a song called “Do not be afraid”. It was a lovely song. Also we learned about Jeremiah and the potter. We wrote about Modern Day Prophets; such as Bono and Bob Geldof.  We learned about Isaac and Rebecca. We also learned about Abraham and Sarah from the Children’s Bible. We had lots of fun in religion so far.

Special Events: On the 23 of October it was James’ birthday. He is now  11 years old.  Henrys birthday is on October 31st,  he will be 11 also. On the 27 of October it will be Rosies; birthday. She will also be 11.                                                                             The stage school(Leah Morans) which Rosie attends were in Show biz kids and they won. They are now considered to be the best stage school in Ireland.                        Next week it will be our mid-term break. We will have a week off. This Friday we are allowed to wear our Halloween costumes.

Halloween 1 Halloween 2  Halloween 4

Irish 4


Extras: In the month of October we did a lot of extra things. At first we went hurling with Donnacha. He comes each Thursday for 45 minutes. It is really good fun.                                                                                                                                   Then we had Maths Week and Paul, Adam G and Sinead D won various prizes for either getting maths problems solved or for giving the best explanation or even for our Art work. We did a longest carrot and heaviest potato competition too and Aoibhinn won for our class.                                                                                                                        Then Chloe W and Jake did a Science Experiment with sixth class. They got have lots of tasty treats-to test the effects of caffeine. They children in sixth class also checked our blood pressure for their science experiment for Intel!                                                                                                                                  As a special treat for the end of the month we made Honeycomb with Mrs. Burke. It was really simple to make and delicious. If you wan to know how to make it, just ask us!!


Thanks for reading,

Fifth Class C








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