September Review

Overall: So far 5th class is great we have a nice teacher and a new classroom. The classroom is very nice, clean and colourful. We also can wear our tracksuits on Friday and we got 4 weeks of swimming classes and had fun talking on the bus. We also got to meet our friends again and got to learn new things. Our reward is pasta every time we do something good we get an extra handful of pasta put in the jar. When the jar is full we get to pick either homework off, bring in our toys, get to watch a movie or extra P.E it depends on what gets the most votes. So far school is great and I can’t wait to see what will happen later on in the year. (Adam G)

Rules and Rewards: In 5th class we have lots of rules and rewards. One of our rewards is a jar that we have to fill up with pasta. If we are good we get a handful of pasta. If we fill the jar with pasta we can get four rewards. The rewards are a homework pass ,extra golden time, extra P.E and you get to watch a DVD for an hour. We filled the jar this week and we picked a homework pass. In our class we have ten rules. One of our rules is that we have to put your pencils down when time is up. Another rule is you do your work neatly and quietly and always listen to teacher. They are all our rewards and rules in our class .  (Henry and Sineád H)

Subjects: In school we learnt about the food pyramid. In art we made name tags to go on the wall.  Some new activities we did were the History, Art, Geography and Science.  I found the History more interesting than last year we learnt about different things like Barter. In science we tested for starch by putting iodine in a dropper and put some on bread, a rice cake, cheese, rice, pasta and paper. (Charlotte)

Classmates: We have a new girl in our class and her name is Aoibhinn . Aoibhinn is tall. She has blonde hair. Aoibhinn’s hair is long.  Aoibhinn’s eyes are green. Aoibhinn is friendly and kind . She is from France and moved to Caragh during the summer. (Blánaid)

Sport: So far the sports that have started are boys Gaelic with Mr Corkery. We have played two matches so far. Hurling boys with Danny, it is  a great chance to see our old principal again. The boys’ basketball is fun and Mr Rogers is the coach and he is very good. There is a lot of children playing the basketball and we’ve had to learn the rules of basketball. The girls’ basketball team are trained by Mr Dunlea. They also had to learn the rules. The girls Camogie team are trained by Miss Losty and Miss Greville. I think the girls are enjoying the camogie. We’ve been doing hurling with Donnacha and the first drill we did was that we had to get a bean bag on the hurl and race to get as many as we could , one team got 63 bean bags and the other team  got 58 bean bags , we won by 5 bean bags. We did swimming for 4 weeks, everyone enjoyed it. It was tiring and it was great.    (Callum, Leah and Seán C)

Special Events: So far in our special events we have had GOAL JERSEY DAY and some birthdays. The GOAL JERSEY DAY was to raise funds for people in Africa. It was two euro for one person or five euro for one family. It was a huge success.

We have had four birthdays this month. When it is your birthday you get homework off. When your birthday is on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you get it off on Thursday or Monday. It’s a good treat for you. (Davin and Paul)


Special Treat:

As a reward for the class I made chocolate rice krispie cakes.

First I melted the chocolate in a bowl. Then I added the krispies.

I mixed it all together. When it was mixed I put them in cases.

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16 Responses

  1. mcantillon1926 says:

    5th class sounds like fun!

  2. Emma Greville says:

    Good work 5th class!

  3. Paul says:

    Well done everyone

  4. Davin Gilligan says:

    Well done guys
    A lot of effort put in.

  5. Seán R> says:

    Well done everybody, great work :>Hope I get the next one.:)

  6. Seán R> says:

    Well done everybody,there all great 🙂
    Hope I get the next one. 🙂

  7. Seán R says:

    Well done everybody there all great

  8. James 11227 says:

    Great work Paul and davin

  9. Great work 5th class. 5th class sounds like it’s going to be lots of fun.

  10. Aaron Casey says:

    5th Class Sounds Like Lots Of Fun!

  11. Sinéad D says:

    Great work everyone :-]

  12. WOW 5th class sounds great!!!

  13. Charlotte s says:

    Well done everyone!

  14. Ruby.B :p says:

    5th class sounds really fun!! hope i’ll have that fun next year 😀

  15. RubyBoland says:

    Can’t wait for your next update! x

  16. Emily Torr says:

    Well done 5th class 🙂