Cake Sale for the Philippines

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On the 22nd of November Ms. Cahill’s class had a sweet and cake sale for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines .To organise it we had to make posters to put around the school so all the children could see what we were doing, we also asked all the parents to bake for us so we had food to sell, as well  Micheal o, Joey, Ellie and Micheal k went onto the intercom to remind all the children .So on Friday all the classes got given a time to come down and buy lots of sweets and cakes .As well on Friday all the children got to wear their own clothes. They put in any donations for our fund. At the end of the day we counted all the money and we raised over €2000.Thank you all for baking for us and giving us lots of donations .  🙂 🙂

by: Sally and Thomas

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7 Responses

  1. sally kielty says:

    many thanks to miss Cahill for taking all the photos and al the children who came;):):);)

  2. Ruby.B :p says:


  3. Emma Greville says:

    Well done Miss Cahill and 5th class, a fantastic achievement!

  4. sean mc says:

    Thanks to everyone who bought something from the bake sale. We raised a lot of money.

  5. niamh says:

    I’m so glad the bake sale was a success thank you to everyone who baked for it and
    buying and all of the donations from the rag day very well written guys! 🙂

  6. Mags says:

    That was a brillant cake sale.Fifth class sold a lot of things so well done to Miss.cahills fifth class.Your welcome philaphanes

  7. ellie murphy says:

    big thanks is well to miss Greville`s callsor donating what they have left (;