Christmas in 5th Class A

We have been doing lots of fun stuff in class this month in December. First we decorated the classroom with Ms Cahill. We put up a miniature tree with a star, tinsel and baubles. We also painted the windows with a Christmas themed picture on each window, but one group decorated Ms Cahill’s Christmas jumper for the teacher Christmas jumper competition which was decorated by Dylan, Joey and Alan. The next week we got in to groups of 2 or 3 and made Christmas dioramas with shoe boxes and card. On Wednesday the whole school went down to the church and sang at a carol service. The junior and senior infants and the first class sang at the junior carol service in the morning. Second class and up sang at the senior carol service and the musicians and choir were at both. A lot of the parents came to watch the service. Yesterday we had a Christmas table quiz. The whole class took part. We got into groups of 4 and one group of 5. It was a close draw but team Ben and Jerrys won by 2 points. On that team were Sally K, Niamh R, Michael D, Holly C and Stephanie R,

This was a great term in 5th class and now we can’t wait for the Christmas Holidays!! 🙂    by Niamh R and Sean Mc




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3 Responses

  1. Sallyxxx says:

    Gud blog post
    Happy Christmas

  2. ellie murphy says:

    i agree this term was good but near the end of term was great because we put decorations up and made a lot of christmas stuff eg diramas and we painted the windows it was fun

  3. that sounds sooooo fun we had 2 do English and irish!!!!!!!!!!