January Blog 5th Class C

ENGLISH: For English in January we were writing stories. First we learned about how to do a proper brainstorm and a proper story plan. We spoke about the use of descriptive language. We used character cards and setting cards. Our character cards had pictures of people on them for example we had Indians, aliens, cowboys and more. The setting cards had pictures of castles, space, play grounds, islands and more. It was a good way to come up with ideas and it was easier as well. Our stories were very different from last time which is a good thing. That is what we did for English this month.

IRISH-In January in irish we learnt about houses. We learnt all the rooms in the house. The rooms of a normal house in irish are seomra folctha , codalta, suite , leithreas  and cistin which in irish is Kitchen. We have a test every Friday on an irish   verb we had to learn during the week.  We have   had around four tests this January. We all brought in some shoeboxes to make a room out of a house. We are going to paint the walls and then we will either draw, stick of construct the furniture pieces. We have done a lot of Irish this month and all of it was really fun.


MATHS-In maths this month, we did multiplication. It was really easy! We did multiplying centimetres. We are learning Length too,  for an example we are doing 4cm + 9cm= 13cm. We went around measuring things in the school. We measured the stairs, Annemarie’s door, teachers desk and P.E hall door. It was really fun.

We are getting tests for our homework every week now. We have four tests on an A4 page and each test has ten questions. That is what we did for maths this month!!!


HISTORY-We learned about the Renaissance. We also learned that Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David and the Pieta. Leonardo Da Vinci did mirror writing so no one could steal his ideas. Galileo discovered the telescope. He also studied mathematics and astronomy.

We also learned about the History of Medicine. Your body becomes able to take on the viruses. People believed that the witch doctors could heal the sick long ago. There was a Greek doctor named Hippocrates. He believed that the virus came from within the body. People who travelled from country to country we transporting viruses and they did not know it. The was a virus called black death, it was called black death because black spots appeared all over your body. Black rats and the fleas on these rats were infecting the people. Poor hygiene was also to blame and people were not as aware as we are today, rats used to run in the streets but people did not mind! That is what we learned in January.


GEOGRAPHY-In January we have learned about the European Union. We picked numbers and each Country had number. An example is : lets say I picked 12, Belgium could be 12 so then you had to do a project on Belgium. We have to put our projects in coloured booklets. We talked about the time zones and G.M.T. ,in Russia the time is ahead of us by 3 hours. We learned about the capital cities of each European Country. There is 28 Countries in the European Union. There is 32 Countries in Europe . At first it was called the European Community.+


SCIENCE: In Science this month we are learning how to control heat. We use heat for insulating our home’s. We are also doing an experiment on conduction. A conductor is something which lets energy flow through it.

Experiment on Conduction:: What we used was a Pea on a piece of butter. Put one on a metal spoon and put one on a wooden spoon. Whichever one fall’s of first is the better conductor of heat.

Experiment on Insulation: What we used was 3 jars with hot water. Check the temp. Wrap one in, paper, tinfoil and cloth. Leave for five minutes. Then check the temp for the last time. The one which is the warmest had the best insulator.

Experiment to find the coldest and warmest spot in the school: We placed a thermometer in 5 places around the school and recorded the results. We then waited 20 minutes and recorded the results again, and then we waited a further 20 minutes and recorded the results. The warmest place was Storage room in the GP hall. The coldest place was the fridge in the staffroom. That is what we did in Science this month. But don’t worry we will be back with more science on the Blog later in the school year.


ART-In Art we did a picture of a reflections of buildings for example, I did the leaning tower of Pisa and some more buildings beside it. We had to copy the buildings that we drew in the reflection of the water. We did it in charcoal.

We also did a lesson on perspective. When we were doing perspective we did a road or a river and it got smaller the further away it got.

Next week we are going to build a room in our shoe boxes.


MUSIC- In Music we had to make up our own song on the computer in groups of four. We made them on SFSkids.org. We also did listening and responding. The piece was called: Carnival of the Animals ;The Swan. Our class made up songs that are meant to tell stories. It was called a score. We are either doing it in groups of three or four. One person has to hold up a big black sheet of paper with pictures on it while the others play their instruments. Teacher taught us the song I remember when by the Heathers. We are now learning it in Irish.

P. E – For P.E this month we did Basketball. We learnt dribbling and passing. We also did shooting at the basket. We played matches at the end of every session.

There is a league for fifth and sixth boys and girls. Six boys and seven girls from our class play in the league. All the teams have lots of points. We are all very good now. We all love basketball now. We all play on Monday because it is P.E day. All the people who play in the league play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have had lots of fun in P.E this month.

RELIGION-In Religion we learned about very interesting things. We did two stories and we learned about all the vestments for the different times of year. We learned about King Solomon and the temple and when he nearly cut a baby in half.

The first story was called King Solomon. It was about King Solomon almost cutting a baby in half. Two women came to King Solomon both claiming that the baby was theirs. They were fighting. One was crying her heart out saying the other woman stole her baby. Then Solomon knew it was her baby.

The second one was about King Solomon building a temple.  He wanted to make a temple to pray to god. He wanted to make it out of cedar wood but only King Hiram had it. When King Solomon got the wood he was able to make the temple.

We also had catholic schools week. There was a special mass for it. Some people did reading and some brought up the offertory gifts. The school choir also sang at the mass.

EXTRAS: There was lots of birthdays in December and January . We had a party to celebrate our two weeks off for Christmas. We watched the Toothfairy Two and we ate crisps and chocolate. The people that had a birthday in December and January were Faela on December the 5th and Chloe Byrne on the 4th of December, Cillian on 19th Decembe and in January  Sinead  D’Arcy  on January 3rd.

Blanaid was very sick and went to the hospital. We made a card for her and everyone in the class signed it but now she is better.

There is basketball on and a lot of people are doing it and there are matches  that are playing at lunch.

5th class went on the Astro turf but on Friday it was lashing rain so we couldn’t go on it.

We are doing a fit February. In fit February we are doing the plank  star jumps and loads of other thing like that.



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