Seo Faiseanta

Last month we did a “Seo Faiseanta”. It was great fun. First, we were put into groups. In Ellie’s  group was Sean, Anna and Holly. In Stephanie’s group was Sally and Joey. Ellie  thought that the best was either Sally who was dressed as a boy or Niamh who was Lisa, Dylan who was Bart and Anna who was Homer. Stephanie thought the best was Roisin who was Mrs. Brown or Jack and Alan who were Jamacian hula girls. We had to write descriptions in our groups. Everyone talked for someone. On Tuesday we did a dress rehearsal, then on Wednesday we pushed the tables and chairs to the side and made our catwalk. The first to go was Ellie’s group and Stephanie’s group went 4th. It was great fun and thanks to our teacher Ms. Cahill for letting us do it and recording it .(:

by Ellie and Stephanie (:









. the best costume was either sally who was dressed as a boy or niamh lisa simpson Dylan bart simpson and anna who was homer simpson.(Stephanie) I thought



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