Proclamation Day

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Proclamation Day

March 15th 2016

As part of the Ireland 2016 commemorative programme, the Dept. of Education and skills has provided time for schools to commemorate and reflect upon the events of 100 years ago.

We will begin the day on Tuesday 15th with a flag-raising ceremony at 9.30am.  The children will sing the National Anthem and the school band will perform.  All parents and members of the community are invited to attend this ceremony.

A major focus on Proclamation Day will be the reading of the original Proclamation and the unveiling and reading of the schools own “Proclamation for a New Generation”.  This will follow on from the Flag Raising ceremony and depending on the weather will take place outside the front of the school or in the hall.

All pupils have been involved over the past weeks in projects on varying aspects of 1916.  These projects will be displayed along the school corridors and in the Library and we hope that parents and members of the community will visit and talk to the pupils about their projects, between 9.30 -11.30.

Many Families have generously sent in medals and other memorabilia related to 1916 and these will be displayed by the pupils involved.

If any other family has items that are related to 1916 we would be delighted to receive the same and will look after them carefully.

Wednesday 16th March is a special Green Day fundraiser organised by the Parents Association and the school will close at 12noon for Easter Holidays


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