Algebra Project Jamboree

A jamboree showcasing the Flagway game took place on the 10th of May in Kildare Town Community School. Ten students from 5th class joined approximately 100 other students from other schools in Kildare, Carlow and Laois to participate in this fun event. The Flagway game is a knowledge based sport integrating maths with physical education. Miss Leamy’s 5th class have been getting active whilst learning maths by playing the Flagway game this year. 

The Flagway game is a number theory game derived from the Mobius Function. It was developed by Bob Moses to help young people expand their understanding of natural numbers and develop flexibility in working with these numbers. Bob Moses was one of the most influential leaders of the American civil rights movement. In the 1980’s Bob founded the Algebra Project in Cambridge Massachusetts to ensure that all students would have the quantitative literacy necessary to participate fully in the technological economy of the twenty-first century.

Bob visited Ireland in May 2014 and worked with teachers to train them in the Algebra Project. Since then Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) supported by Kildare Education Centre (KEC) and the NCCA have funded selected schools to bring the Flagway game to their schools. 


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