Junior Entrepreneur Programme 2019

On Monday, May 20th Ms Mullally’s 6th class went to the RDS for the All-Ireland Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) Showcase Day. Our project was “Party Piñatas”. The programme began at Christmas and over the months it taught us how to be an entrepreneur and run a successful

We got a talk from local entrepreneur Emma Murphy from Balloon HQ; she
also supplied us with balloons on the day. Different groups took turns
speaking to judges and visitors at our stand. Our stand was quite popular and it received a lot of compliments. Our project was shortlisted for the “Creative Pioneers” category, although we didn’t win, we had a great day. The award ceremony was at 1:10pm.

Overall we made a €350 profit. Every child received €10, or €12 if they invested €2. We donated €70 to the HOPE Foundation, as we were learning about it for our Confirmation. The programme was very fun and educational.

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