Vision Statement


Caragh National School is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin.

We must communicate the Christian message in a manner appropriate to the child’s age, their stage of development, and their own personal life experience.  We want to develop one’s spirituality in the context of one’s own religion and in the understanding of other religious beliefs.
At Caragh we wish to provide a range of learning experiences to fulfil the potential and develop the confidence of each child in our care.  We are ambitious for all children.
We aim to develop moral qualities of respect, truthfulness, fair play, compassion and consideration of others.
We hope to nurture and expand children’s ways of interpreting and expressing the environment around them thus becoming more aware and more appreciative of the world in which they live.
The school is committed to it’s status as a green school.  We hope the children continue their huge involvement in protecting the environment and in maintaining this prestigious award.
Caragh is a multi-cultural school that welcomes and embraces difference and uniqueness.  We wish to give each child a sense of personal and cultural identity, with a respect for and a tolerance of other cultures and differences.
We are very committed to physical education.  We enjoy participating in a range of team and individual sports through which we help promote healthy living.
The school grounds is a place where each child should be able to mix comfortably at an interclass and an intra-class level, where happiness, security and self worth and both pre-requisites and outcomes.  The issues around bullying must be approached from various perspectives.
We envisage a staff and a community that is sensitive to the emotional development of our children.  We want our children to be compassionate, sensitive to others and freely expressive of their individual opinions.
The children at Caragh want the school to be a place “… where everyone is equal. Where children can speak their minds,  Where there is no bullying.” They envisage a place where:
  • Everyone is happy.  Where you are not scared to tell if you have a problem.
  • I want my school to be a place where there is always fun.
  • I want a school where there is no pushing or fighting or things like that.
  • School should be a place where you feel you belong.
  • School should be a place where you feel safe, happy and trusted.
Caragh school aims to provide the child with the academic, social and spiritual qualities that will form the foundation of their adult life.